The Martian--Clover Glass Smart Bubblers Cigarette Filter for Blunts

Posted by clover 26/04/2017 0 Comment(s) New Products,

clover glass WPF-55


  When you hear words ”the Martian”, what images knock your mind? For non-smokers, they probably think of a planet where humans’ gonna move in million years later, or an astronaut in space unit. Fortunately, we are smokers. We surely think of a smart glass bubbler, one of the most popular glass cigarette filter.


  The Martian boomed in just 2 months, 80% smokers in United States know it by now. Why The Martian is so hot? I guess its mini and smart design. Can you imagine a small piece like 5cm high can give you a water pipe bubbler experience? Yes, the Martian did it, and that’s why we call it smart.  


  For all smokers like bongs, oilrigs, water pipes, and even cigarettes, the Martian can fulfill their


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