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  To stay on top of marketing trends, technology and methods to keep ahead of competition and meet consumer demands, the Clover Glass team headed over to Las Vagas, during Mar.19- Mar.22 for ASD Show, one of the biggest consumer goods and gifts show in the world, held by Emerald Expositions. In every March and August, ASD show with 50-year oldest history and fullest variety, greets sellers & buyers, importers & exporters from manufacturer, distributors and wholesalers to departments, retailers shops and individual buyers.



  As a glass artwork manufacturer, CloverGlass has been fastest growing in the past 2 years and has widely spread in USA and Canada. Throughout very states, where there is a smokeshop, there are Cloverglass works. In ASD show, CloverGlass works catered a bulk of fans of bongs, water pipes, handpipes, and more with high quality and innovative designs.


 Clover Glass stresses every small piece’s perfection. Experienced workers are trained for 3 months before put them into practice, because Clover Glass producing system requires them to totally fit in. And that’s the point why so many customers from wholesalers to smoke shops love our products, and more than 5 wholesalers planed to take our works to the show.


  Apart from Las Vagas ASD show, we also attended Miami Champs show last September and inland shows such as China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) . In the future, we will attend more international trade shows with our unique designs.
  Our ingenious designers deeply look into marijuana lovers’ tastes and publish more and more individualized styles, including Fashion, Violance, Desperation, Living hell, Crimes and more themes. Every design’s gonna make fans scream. 
  So much for CloverGlass previous and premonitory. Let’s watch what surprise this team is doing now and will do in the future. Follow us for latest News. 


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