Clover Glass Classic Mobile Phone Bubblers

Posted by clover 25/04/2017 0 Comment(s) New Products,

Clover Glass WPC-54


Classic Mobile Phone has been outdated of our time.But it’s quite a childhood memory. Clover Glass has launched such Classic Mobile Phone styled Bubblers on Oct. 18th,2016, in memory of our old memories. These 13-inch bubblers has appealed to bulks of smokers for the specialized designs.


    As you can see, they come out with 5 colors, clear grey, clear, clear brown, jade white and jade brown. Ingenious designers made Ingenious as sucker. All details like receivers, date, time and signal displayer, number keys and speakers are strictly painted out on the surface, such 3d sight bubblers give users a feeling as they were hell young and played with their mobile phone toys.


It’s fun. Get one and smoke like first using Mobile phone in childhood. Classics long live! 


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